What we do

With, media earn more money for their news through a new advertising space, non-intrusive and 100% user-friendly. At the same time, advertisers and agencies display their ads in AI-controlled environments.
We increase the average advertising revenue of all users.

For advertisers and agencies

Advertisers don’t really know if their ads are appearing in fake, negative or irrelevant news. With our unique algorithm we know in real time the sentiment of the news, the actual category and affinity of the content with the advertiser. In this way, advertisers and agencies can ensure a positive ROAS.
From now on, advertisers and agencies will be able to work in an ecosystem where they will know whether the news is positive, negative or neutral thanks to a technology developed ad hoc, without bias.

For media

At we have created a new source of revenue for digital media with no upfront investment. We automatically create videonews of all articles, improving SEO positioning and increasing the chances of getting into Discover. These videonews are 100% monetisable on the web and social media, contextual, brand safe and the advertising can’t be blocked by Adblock. The videos are multi-platform and flexible and can be adapted to the corporate image, adding voice-over to achieve a more newsworthy tone and the desired call to action.

You get monetisable, multi-channel video effortlessly! How?

News items are uploaded to the CMS in the usual way. The videos are made automatically with the images of the news item and the desired text. Our platform transforms images into a video, once created, a link is generated and must be inserted in place of the image.